The Devil's Knot


The Devil's Knot

During the slavery period in Brazil, a sugar cane farm was the stage for the darkest kinds of horrors. Years later, the place's cruel past is still stained in its walls, even if unnoticed, until a series of strange events starts happening and death returns to the farm. The film is divided in five short horror stories.
Há dois séculos, no período da escravidão, uma fazenda canavieira era palco de horrores. Anos depois, o passado cruel permanece marcado nas paredes do local, mesmo que ninguém perceba. Eventos estranhos começam a se desenvolver e a morte torna-se evidente. Cinco contos de horror ilustram a narrativa.

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Drama, Horror
Black Cast
Zezé Motta, Edilson Silva, Isabél Zuaa
Directed By Black
Gabriel Martins
Release Date
June 28, 2018
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