About Us

Welcome to Culture Bay, a media project that celebrates Black-powered narratives and storytelling. We are a Black-owned and Black-produced platform, dedicated to showcasing the richness and diversity of the Black experience. Our mission is to connect contemporary culture with African heritage, creating a space where the Black experience is not only seen but also heard and valued.

At Culture Bay, we curate comprehensive lists of Black movies and TV shows, providing a one-stop destination for audiences seeking diverse and engaging content. We also publish articles that delve into the nuances of Black storytelling in the entertainment media, promoting narratives that resonate with the Black community.

Culture Bay Afrofuturism Characters

In addition to our curated content, we are actively developing an exciting fantasy science fiction narrative project. This original project, featuring unique characters and speculative narratives, is a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in Black storytelling. We're reimagining the boundaries of our world, exploring 'what could be' scenarios in a realm where possibilities are endless.

Culture Bay logo

Our logo, the Golden Baobab, symbolizes this commitment. The Baobab tree, often revered as the Tree of Life, is a sacred symbol in African tradition, representing strength, resilience, and the deep roots of our culture. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to explore, promote, and celebrate the beauty of Black culture through storytelling and media.