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Several Black men take a cross-country bus trip to attend the Million Man March in Washington, DC in 1995. On the bus are an eclectic set of characters including a laid-off aircraft worker, a man whose at-risk son is handcuffed to him, a black Republican, a former gangsta, a Hollywood actor, a cop who is of mixed racial background, and a white bus driver. All make the trek discussing issues surrounding the march, including manhood, religion, politics, and race.

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Black Cast
Bernie Mac, Charles S. Dutton, De'Aundre Bonds, Harry Lennix, Isaiah Washington, Ossie Davis, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Andre Braugher, Wendell Pierce
Directed By Black
Spike Lee
Written By Black
Reggie Rock Bythewood, Spike Lee
Release Date
October 16, 1996
Get on the Bus (tt0116404) on IMDb
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